ArborVitae seeks to offer the highest quality herbal education taught by masterful herbalists and health practitioners, and to offer that training at a reasonable fee.

To this end, rather than charge individually for classes and program fees, for the 2021-2022 school year ArborVitae is offering a tuition of $7,300. The tuition covers over 367 hours of classroom hours plus an additional 46 hours of extra Q&A (413 hours total) and is inclusive of study materials, further educational hours (such as personal and group mentorship and special events), along with other opportunities and services.


Please make your $750 deposit to secure your place in the program within 2 weeks of acceptance.

Students can pay for the program fee by ACH transfer or credit card. Or, if you’d like to pay by check, notify us by email and we will forward you the mailing address.

Please note that, if you’re accepted into the program, your deposit is non-refundable.


Full-Time Annual Tuition for 2021-2022: $7,300

*Full-time is one weekday per week, and one weekend per month.

ArborVitae is committed to working with students to develop payment options that are appropriate to their income level. In addition to offering a variety of no-interest payment plans, we are open to developing personalized plans as well. Current Payment Plan options can be found below.

It is expected that within two weeks of acceptance into the program you determine how you will be paying your tuition and complete the correct/matching form.

We are glad to provide the necessary papers for any scholarships / grants a prospective student may have access to. There are 1-2 work study positions available for class coordinator(s) for each class that include tuition discounts, and there may also be some other work study options for particular services.

Tuition Payment Forms: Please email completed forms to with the subject line “Tuition”.
Tuition Agreement Form (TAF) – If paying tuition in full prior to September 1st.
Payment Plan Agreement Form (PPAF) – If requesting a payment plan to pay tuition.

How Do the Payment Plans Work?
When you sign up for your payment plan, you will be making your first payment and subsequent payments are based on that date.

  • For example, if you sign up for the Lily plan on July 3rd, your payments would be as follows:
    • 1st Payment – July 3rd
    • 2nd Payment – August 3rd
    • 3rd Payment – September 3rd
    • 4th Payment – October 3rd
    • 5th Payment – November 3rd
    • 6th Payment – December 3rd

Please contact with any questions.

Payment Plans:

Amounts are based off the total tuition amount ($7300) minus your initial deposit ($750).

LILY – Tuition is divided into 6 payments of $1091.67.
*Must begin payments prior to September 1st.

7-MONTH PLAN – Tuition is divided into 7 payments of $935.71.
*Must begin payments prior to September 1st.

MUGWORTS – Tuition is divided into 8 payments of $818.75.
*Must begin payments prior to September 1st.

9-MONTH PLAN – Tuition is divided into 9 payments of $727.78.
*Must begin payments prior to September 1st.

10-MONTH PLAN – Tuition is divided into 10 payments of $655.
*Must begin payments prior to August 1st.

11-MONTH PLAN – Tuition is divided into 11 payments of $595.45.
*Must begin payments prior to July 1st.

CALENDULA – Tuition is divided into 12 payments of $545.83.
*Must begin payments prior to June 1st.

13-MONTH PLAN – Tuition is divided into 13 payments of $503.85.
*Must begin payments prior to May 1st.

14-MONTH PLAN – Tuition is divided into 14 payments of $467.86.
*Must begin payments prior to April 1st.

IMPATIENS – Tuition is divided into 15 payments of $436.67.
*Must begin payments prior to March 1st.


Pay Tuition

Platycodon grandiflorum

Choose your payment plan or pay your entire tuition, minus deposit

Year 1: Registration & Payment Link

Year 2: Registration & Payment Link

Year 3: Registration & Payment Link

Additional Fees:

While study materials are provided through the tuition fees, each class year has additional reference and study books that students will need to purchase. In the future ArborVitae may also have many of these books available on loan.

Personal herbal supplies and travel for field trips are not included in the tuition.

Should students need to make additional payments to the school for any reason, they may choose to pay us via PayPal by going to PayPal.Me/ArborVitae (clicking on the Miscellaneous Payments button on the right will also take you to our PayPal.Me page). Payments can also be sent directly to the school’s Paypal account, the associated address for which is
Misc Payment

Tuition FAQ’s:

Q.  Does ArborVitae accept federal financial aid? 

A. ArborVitae is a registered school in New York, however, we are not currently an accredited school, which is required for federal financial aid. We do our best to make tuition affordable through a variety of payment plans that are outlined on our Tuition page.

Q.  Does ArborVitae offer or know of any available scholarships?

A. Unfortunately, there are not any scholarship opportunities for first year students through ArborVitae. Occasionally we become aware of grants available from outside organizations and do our best to pass that information along to applicants. There are likely many other opportunities that we are not aware of that you might be able to uncover through some searching on your own.

Privacy Policy: ArborVitae, LLC. will never share any of your personal, financial data we collect with any third parties unless required by law, including, but not limited to, bank account information and credit card information. Contact information (typically, but not limited to, email addresses) is not shared with third parties except for when it is necessary for student benefits and classes, such as United Plant Savers memberships and visiting instructors.