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Full-Time Tuition: $6,800 (Discounted early-bird tuition only available for 1st & 2nd year students)
Part-Time Weekday Tuition: $4,306 (Discounted tuition not available)
Part-Time Weekend Tuition: $2,668 (Discounted tuition not available)

ArborVitae seeks to offer the highest quality herbal education taught by masterful herbalists and health practitioners, and to offer that training at a reasonable fee.

To this end, for the 2015-2016 school year ArborVitae is offering an all-inclusive tuition of $6,800, rather than charge individually for classes and program fees. The tuition covers at least 378 hours of classroom hours and is also inclusive of study materials, further educational hours (such as personal and group mentorship and special events), along with other opportunities and services.

ArborVitae is now offering part-time options for the 1st and 2nd year professional herbalism programs. We are offering weekend and weekday tracts with options to add on hours / classes. For a more detailed idea of what this would look like, please visit our Full and Part Time Options page. A part-time option is not currently available for the 3rd year program.


Please make your $500 deposit to secure your place in the program.

Please note: The deposit is the same for full-time and part-time programs.

Students can pay for the program fee by credit card, paypal or send a check to:
ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism
One Union Square West, suite 309 | New York, NY 10003

Please note that, if you’re accepted into the program, your deposit is non-refundable.

Full-time & Part-time Options:
The curriculum classes and special visiting faculty classes connect together to form a cohesive and comprehensive program, and students benefit most if they attend full time. But if students miss occasional classes, they will still be eligible for the graduation certificate. Make-up options will be also available.  If you are not able to attend a significant portion of classes, we are offering weekend and weekday tracts for the 1st and 2nd year programs, with options to add on hours / classes. For more detailed information view our Full and Part Time Options page. (This also offers more details about the full-time program tuition and benefits.)

Payment Plans:

ArborVitae is committed to working with students to develop payment plans that are appropriate to their income level. A number of options are available and we are open to developing personalized plans as well.
We encourage all who would like to attend the professional herbalism program to apply, even if the method of payment is not clear. There is no charge to apply, and new tuition plans may become available.

To sign up for a payment plan, you must fill out our Payment Plan Agreement Form.

Current Plans are as follows:

Clover Plan: Tuition is divided into four payments due September, November, February, and April.

Mugwort Monthly: Tuition is divided into eight payments due September-April.

Calendula Plan: Tuition is divided into twelve payments due June-May. Students may pay June-August’s payments in one lump sum prior to the start of term. This payment option is available only for full time students and only if the first three payments are made prior start of term. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

LilyOfTheValley-illustrationWe are glad to provide the necessary papers for any scholarships / grants a prospective student may have access to. Currently, ArborVitae is not able to offer scholarships, but we do hope to raise such funds in the coming year. However, the American Herbalist Guild-NYC chapter does have a small fund for ArborVitae that can provide discounts to a few students in financial need.  There are 1-2 work study positions available for class coordinator(s) for each class that can offer tuition discounts, and there may also be some other work study options for particular services.

We try to work with students who, from time to time, may have difficulty making payments. If you are one of these students and we have asked you to pay what you are able to go on a regular payment schedule, please use the below button to make these partial payments. Please be sure to include your name in the comments so we know which student’s tuition to apply the payment to.

Additional Fees:

While study materials are provided through the tuition fees, each year class has additional reference and study books that students will need to purchase. In the future ArborVitae may also have many of these books available on loan.

Personal herbal supplies and travel for field trips are not included in the tuition.

Students will need to purchase a Tristate College of Acupuncture Student ID. This ID will enable them to receive student discounts where available, including special discounts available to ArborVitae students at herb and other natural health stores.

Privacy Policy: ArborVitae, LLC. will never share any of your personal, financial data we collect with any third parties unless required by law, including, but not limited to, bank account information and credit card information. Contact information (typically, but not limited to, email addresses) is not shared with third parties except for when it is necessary for student benefits and classes, such as United Plant Savers memberships, student ID’s with TriState, and visiting instructors.