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Useful Plants and Formulas for the Practicing Herbalist — with 7Song


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Monday, April 16th
80 8th ave. (on the northeast corner of 14th st.) 13th floor, room 1302


This a class is for folks who already know more-than-basic herbal medicine. The goal is to cover clinically useful plants and formulas for common health conditions. It will discuss common medicinal plants such as Gotu kola, Horse chestnut, and Oregon graperoot and how various medicinal plants can be put together in formulas for health conditions such as cognitive dysfunction, venous return, and chronic pain.

Note: handouts for this class will be available on our website one week before the class. Please go to and click on the Student Login button on the top right hand side of the website and login with the same username and password you used to purchase this (or previous) community classes. Once inside the Student Portal, click on the My Courses link (on the top right hand side of the green bar). A list of all classes you have purchased online will appear. Click on the title of the class to access the handouts for any of the classes you have purchased. Please email with questions.