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Spirituality and Herbalism — with Ola Obasi


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80 8th Ave. 13th Floor, Room 1302 (Note: Entrance is on 14th st.)

Monday, Oct. 29th


While we live in a world where some question the existence of spirituality, we can not deny that plants affect us on all kinds of spiritual levels.  Let’s sit, define and redefine spirituality from a herbalist’s perspective. Let’s explore how herbalism has contributed to the evolution of spiritual consciousness over the centuries. We as human beings have experience surely, and plants play a huge role in our spiritual connection. Unlike conventional science you cannot separate herbalism from spirit; there is a holistic relationship between the two. Spirituality and herbalism looks at planets, deities and herbal practices to appease spirit.

Ola Obasi has been working in the wellness field for over 15 years. She is a yoga and dance instructor, medical herbalist, nutritionist and birth doula. Committed to community holistic health and education, she is founder of Three Rivers Free Clinic for the People a free community service and partnership to Herbalists without Borders in Pennsylvania. She also founded Well of Indigenous Wisdom School, a 3 year program immersed in herbal medicine and the healing arts. A guest presenter and teacher of many conferences across the nation, she began a movement for People of Color, reminding the Western world to honor contributions to herbal practice by people of Indigenous heritage; African, Native American, Latin American. She received her Master’s of Science from Maryland Institute of Integrative Health and is currently enrolled in a PhD program focusing on integrative medicine and functional nutrition. Ola is a mother of 3 teens. She continues to learn from her children through challenge and tribulation as she shares her journey of life with them and the human family.