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Medicine Making: Herbal Wines & Cough Syrups – with Nathaniel Whitmore


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Monday, February 15th


Learn about these little-known, yet important forms of herbal preparations.  If you have “mastered” the basics of infusions, decoctions, and salves, it is time to expand your apothecary with wines and syrups.  Herbal wines have been used in ancient China, medieval Europe, and Ayurvedic medicine for ages.  Among the most important are the Shaolin training wines, used to invigorate the blood and nourish the body for martial arts training and in the treatment of injury.  Cough syrups are also important preparations for the herbalist and home-care practitioner alike, especially since they are used for the treatment of acute colds and coughs.  Often based on Elderberry and honey, various herbs can be added to customize the syrups.  Your friends, family, and clients are sure to be impressed by these home-made cough remedies.