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Maritime Medicinals: Medicinal Herbs Aboard Ancient Ships — with Leslie Alexander


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80 8th Ave. 13th Floor, Room 1302 (Note: Entrance is on 14th st.)

Monday, April 23rd



Picture it … hundreds of years ago crews aboard ships relied solely upon medicinal herbs for everything from cannonball injuries to sunburn and dysentery. It’s a fascinating & fun aspect of maritime history. Please join us for taste treats!

Leslie M Alexander PhD, RH is a clinical herbalist with a community practice based in Erie, PA. For several years she worked in England and Scotland as a research scientist, focusing on environmental factors affecting children’s health before retraining as an herbalist. After completing a diploma in herbal medicine and a dissertation on turmeric in 2006, Leslie began a three year clinical mentorship with Richard Mandelbaum RH. She has been an active General Member of the American Herbalist’s Guild since 2004, a Registered Herbalist since 2009.