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Homeopathy for Herbalists — with Matt Wood





Monday, Dec. 10th


80 8th Ave. (entrance on 14th st.) 13th floor, room 1302

Homeopathy and herbalism definitely have an interface: the more toxic agents such as belladonna have fallen out of the herbal materia medica but continue to be used in the homeopathic, while the latter uses many a fine herb: Calendula, Boneset, Hawthorn, St. John’s Wort, Elder, Chamomile, etc.  The herbalist can learn to use some of the basic agents of homeopathy in a simple, constructive manner alongside our herbal remedies.  The basic healing doctrine of homeopathy (like treats like) seems to be in conflict with the inferred method of herbalism (hot to cold).  We will show that this is not the case and that herbalists can use the basic remedies of the homeopathic materia medica successfully alongside our own plant medicines.  Matthew Wood has been using both for thirty five years.