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Herbal Consultation, Flower Essence Consultation, or Reiki Session – with Fumiha Tanaka



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Suggested Donation: $45-85

Herbal consultation:
Fumiha uses the method of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western herbalism to assess disharmony within individuals. After a one and half hour consultation, clients will receive a custom suggestion of lifestyle, dietary and herbal support to begin their healing journey together.
Flower Essence Consultation:
She has been taught by Claudia Keel the past three years and self taught based on Dr. Edward Bach resources. After a one and half hour conversation, the client will be given a custom formulated essence.
Reiki session:
The session will be a distant Reiki for now. Fumiha and client will meet virtually to set a time or discuss how they want to receive the session. Session time will be vary depending on the client needs.

Lineage of Japan, but also grown up in Indonesia and Singapore, Fumiha Tanaka is a clinical herbalist, artist and Reiki practitioner based in Brooklyn, New York. She has been practicing Reiki for about 5 years, after receiving Reiki one and two from a few different teachers such as Carols and Ana Gonzalez, Aki Hirata Baker, and Manu Del Prete. The sudden awakening to the calling of plants one day shifted her path quickly, enrolling her to Arbor Vitae to dive deep into the world of plant medicine and she is now a recent graduate of the school. She is passionate about this path to create the harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit within an individual that leads to healing our mother earth. She is constantly in awe with the teaching of plants and enjoys connecting with the spirit of the plants by drawing and writing. She is available in both English and Japanese.

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