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Food and Herbs as Medicine Course – with Andrea Beaman



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Food and Herbs as Medicine Course

Gain a lifetime of knowledge on healing and prevention of disease using food and herbs as medicine!

Learn how to:

  • Prepare healing meals
  • Shop for medicinal foods
  • Access natural remedies that are in your kitchen right now
  • Boost immunity to stave off flus, colds and bigger illnesses
  • Select the right foods for your body
  • Prevent and heal many diseases naturally
  • Distinguish which herbs and foods are needed for each organ
  • Correctly use various cooking styles for each condition
  • Cook like a pro
  • Make medicine!

Andrea Beaman is a health coach, chef and herbalist, I teach others how to use food and herbs as the best medicine. Successfully healing my own incurable disease using natural foods, herbs, and other natural therapies was the catalyst that transformed my health and my life. I’m passionate about sharing this healing wisdom. Life is too short to be sick and feeling unwell. Let me show you how to use the home-cooked medicine that is in your kitchen right now to prevent and heal disease.

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