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4/24: To Perk or Not to Perk, That is the Question! – with Leslie Alexander




Monday, April 24


Join Leslie Alexander for a hands-on, interesting and useful introduction to the world of percolation! She’ll move beyond coffee into the realm of percolating herbs and discuss what it means to percolate herbs, how it’s done, why it’s done and advantages and disadvantages. It is perhaps a preparation technique that every herbalist should come to know … if only for those tight spots when we open the doors of an apothecary only to find we actually don’t have the tincture we need in stock! It happens to us all. When we want a particular tincture – what do we do? Well, yes … we can consider percolation!

Folks will leave with a clear understanding of methods & samples. Percolation cones will be offered for sale.

Leslie M. Alexander is a practicing professional herbalist and owner of Restoration Herbs in Erie, PA. She earned a BSc in environmental sciences from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Ph.D. from Heriot-Watt University. After working for several years in academia researching environmental factors affecting children’s health, Leslie decided to train as an herbalist.

During her time living in Scotland, Leslie trained with herbal formulator and teacher Richard Phethean. She also trained with the English culinary herbalist Jekka McVicar. Leslie serves on the American Herbalist Guild council and the American Botanical Council, and Northeast Herbal Association (NEHA).