Friends and Allies

We support these great organizations and hope you get to know them too!

Sustainable Herbs Program

Sustainable Herbs Program LogoHerbal medicine is more than a product on a shelf. We experience part of the healing plants offer by learning to grow and harvest the plants themselves. We also experience that healing by knowing where our herbs come from. Knowing the people on the far side of the supply chain helps close a distance the economy has created. The products are no longer empty, indifferent things; they become “live things”, produced by particular people living in actual places. This too offers a particular kind of medicine.  Learn more about how you can take action by exploring the video, webinar, blog and resource kits available on the Sustainable Herbs Program website.

Fundraiser for the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation

United Plant SaversUnited Plant Savers are doing a fundraising campaign with Crowdrise called the Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge, where organizations compete to raise the most money with the top teams winning grand prize cash donations. United Plant Savers will use the donations to break ground on the Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation at their botanical sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio. The center will allow United Plant Savers to continue to expand their efforts on medicinal plant conservation and forest farming education. The donations will also go towards a series of educational events in the region.

The fundraiser ends on May 18th. Help United Plant Savers to win the challenge, earning an extra $100,000 donation toward their cause!


CATA – The Farmworker Support Committee

ArborVitae is a proud supporter of CATA – The Farmworker Support Committee.  Founded in 1979, they work hard to support the Latino immigrant community as they fight f or safe, fair, and just living and working conditions.