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Learning to Remember

by Dana Perry Five of us in the car, our little tangerine Kia was crammed to the hems. We’d each held firm to the ArborVitae packing list: camping gear, tincture making supplies, vessels to collect spring water, at least two potluck dishes to share, plates and cutlery. We couldn’t fit our sleeping bags in the […]

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Key Herbs for Chronic Pain by Maria Noël Groves

By Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG), Registered Clinical Herbalist, Owner of Wintergreen Botanicals Herbal Clinic & Education Center in New Hampshire, and Author of Body into Balance: An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self Care   Pain is our task-master. Whether acute or chronic, it lets you know that something in your body is out of […]

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Holistic Aromatherapy

by Cathy Skipper One of the first questions that I asked myself was when I was studying herbal medicine at the Ecole Lyonnaise de Plantes Médicinales in Lyon, France was, “What is it to really ‘know’ a plant?” and it is a question that has stuck with me. I didn’t feel it was enough to […]

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Sustainability, Green Living, and Green Medicine

As an herbalism school dedicated to providing the highest quality education and training based on traditional wisdom and ecological awareness, sustainability is at the heart of who we are and what we do. Whether harvesting herbs ethically, offering services to our community, or delving into the minute scientific details of how species interact with one […]

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The Oral Microbiome, Pregnancy, & Early Childhood Cavities: Understanding the Connection + Herbal Toothpaste Recipe for Adults & Children

by Lena DeGloma With all the excitement about the gut microbiome, there has been less focus on the oral microbiome and its connection to a variety of health issues. It is becoming more widely recognized that gut dysbiosis (or an imbalance of the resident microbial communities in our gastrointestinal tract) can lead to myriad issues […]

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Shaolin Training Wines & Other Herbal Preparations

by Nathaniel Whitmore Herbal Preparations Herbs can be preserved a variety of ways according to the nature of the herb and the intended use.  We can easily imagine that the first herbal remedies were simply picked fresh, which remains an ideal method for many herbs.  Drying herbs is naturally the most basic method of preserving […]

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