We are now accepting applications for the 2021-22 school year!

The deadline was April 1st, 2021 but there are still a few spots available, so get your application in now! (Applications submitted past April 1st will be reviewed in order of receipt.)

You can learn more about our programs by viewing this PDF from a virtual Open House we held in August 2015 or by watching this recording from January 2021. If you have any questions about our programs or application process, please email


Application Process

There are 4 steps to apply to ArborVitae’s Professional Program:

  1. Fill out the appropriate application form (see documents below). Please note that a complete application includes 4 things:
    1. The application form – Year 1   Year 2
      1. If you are applying to enter directly into Year 2, you must also complete the Year 2 Application Addendum and the Year 2 Credit Submission Form.
    2. Answers to the 2 additional questions (described on the application form)
    3. A CV/resume (can be informal)
    4. A photo of yourself
  2. Email all required documents to with the subject line “application”.
  3. Wait 6 weeks (or less!) to hear back.
  4. If you are accepted, we will send you information about paying your deposit, which reserves your seat in the class, and your options for paying tuition.

The application deadline was April 1st, 2021 but there are still a few spots available, so get your application in now! (Applications submitted past April 1st will be reviewed in order of receipt.) Once all spots are filled a waitlist will be created and you will be notified if a spot opens up. Applying early and paying your deposit to secure your place in the program is a good idea.

To apply for the Foundational Year Professional Herbalism Program:  Please download & complete the Application.
ArborVitae Year 1 Application 2021-22 – PDF
ArborVitae Year 1 Application 2021-22 – DOC

To apply for the 2nd Year Professional Herbalism Program Please download & complete the Application, Addendum, & Credit Submission Form:
ArborVitae Year 2 Application 2021-22 – PDF
ArborVitae Year 2 Application 2021-22 – DOC
Year 2 Application Addendum
Year 2 Credit Submission Form

If you have had previous training in herbalism and feel that it would qualify for credit for classes either for a portion of the first year or feel you have enough training to enter into the 2nd year, you can fill out the Year 2 Application Addendum and the Year 2 Credit Submission Form.  Please note: This form is very important for those planning to apply for the 2nd year program, as you may discover the need to take some 1st year courses to be prepared for 2nd year curriculum. Year 2 applicants must interview.

Submit your application to marking “application” in the subject line. We strongly prefer to receive applications electronically; however if you are unable to do so you can mail your application to ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism, 68 Jay St., #425, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Please notify us by phone or email that you have sent your application.

Applications are to be submitted by the deadline. Applications received after the deadline will be automatically placed on the waitlist. Applicants will be notified of a decision within six weeks of submitting your application.

About the Three-Year Program

ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism offers a comprehensive foundational course in herbalism in the first year. Using various approaches to herbal health care, the first year curriculum offers over 367 hours of instruction in herbal practices and materia medica, holistic anatomy and physiology, botany and plant identification, energetics, medicine making and more. The majority of instruction will be classroom hours, with one online anatomy and physiology course as well. Students who complete the first year of study at ArborVitae can expect to gain an essential understanding of herbal medicine, with application for friends and family. Students who successfully complete coursework, attend and participate in classes will be granted a course certificate at the end of each school year.

Most classes will be held in Dumbo, Brooklyn, at 68 Jay Street, #425, in the ArborVitae classrooms. Some days will be spent outdoors, either within NYC or a few hours from the city. The school year will culminate in a weekend trip upstate. ArborVitae students will receive a building keycard and student ID card that will allow access to the school building and can be used for discounts at local herb stores and many other herb venues as well as offering basic student discounts generally available. Discounts will also be offered for ArborVitae community classes.

passiflora2The second and third year curricula delves more specifically into clinical herbalism and further specializations in herbal practices. The three years are designed to be comprehensive. A student with qualifying experience may begin at the second year.

Students with some previous herbal education who are interested in beginning with the 2nd year of the clinical program should email detailing experience and previous studies.


Tuition is $7,300 per year (your deposit counts toward this total). While we are working to develop a scholarship fund for people with financial need, regretfully, we cannot offer any at this time. We will happily fill out any necessary paperwork for outside scholarships or financial aid.

See the tuition page for more details.