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Most classes will be held at the ArborVitae classroom (within Tri-State College of Acupuncture), 80 8th Avenue, room 1302 or 1303, in Manhattan (corner of 8th Ave and 14th Street, entrance on 14th Street).

Outdoor classes will be held at various locations throughout the year, including parks and outdoor venues within NYC as well as occasional trips outside of the city.

Attendance: Full-time & Part-time

The curriculum classes and special visiting faculty classes connect together to form a cohesive and comprehensive program, and students benefit most if they attend full time. But if students miss occasional classes, they will still be eligible for the graduation certificate.  See ArborVitae Attendance Policy for more information.

ValerianMake-up options will be also available. But if you are not able to attend a significant portion of classes,  ArborVitae is now offering part-time options for the 1st and 2nd year professional herb
We are offering weekend and weekday tracts with options to add on hours / classes. For more detailed information view or download  this pdf: ArborVitae FullTime & PartTime options  (This also offers more detailed in about the full-time program tuition and benefits)

Classes  for the 2015-2016 year will be held weekly on Wednesdays from 9 am to 5 pm,  plus one weekend a month. There will also be occasional  (and optional) evening classes (usually Monday evenings and pre-weekend Friday evenings).
The program year will offer a total of 378 program class hours, though there will be opportunities for extra educational hours in additional classes, students mentorship meetings, conference calls and special events.


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