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Meridian Diagnosis — with Nathaniel Whitmore

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Monday, January 22nd – 80 8th Ave. 13th Floor, Room 1302. (Note: Entrance is on 14th St.)


Meridians are channels of energy that make up a network of vessels that transport life-energy throughout the body, harmonizing and nourishing the body.  The 12 bi-lateral, primary meridians (more-or-less associated with the primary organs of Chinese medicine) and the 2 central meridians are usually represented in charts as lines on the body with specific acupoints along them.  These meridians and points are the major focus of acupuncture and shiatsu treatment and are also central to theory and diagnosis in Chinese medicine.   Although meridian diagnosis is well-known in Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, as well as in shiatsu, qigong, macrobiotics, and martial arts, it is not well-known in the west.  This class introduces meridian diagnosis to American herbalists, naturopaths, and those interested in the holistic way to health.  As a principle theory in Chinese medicine, meridian diagnosis helps us to better understand health imbalances and what foods and herbs are most indicated.  For example, pain, rashes, or other symptoms along certain meridians or at certain points can indicate involvement of particular organs or help us understand the nature of the imbalance (and, therefore, what to do about it).  Additionally, by palpating meridians and points pains can be revealed and certain energetic conditions can be discovered.  Many mysterious diseases can be brought into light with meridian diagnosis, making this valuable theory an essential part of education in herbal and holistic medicine.  

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